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Cape Town Beliebers Unite!


Cape Town Beliebers Unite!

Hey guys, we have spread the word for the JHB Beliebers. Now here are the details for the Cape Town concert. Ed

When Justin sings ‘Believe’ all of us will hold up signs saying “SA Believed” and that will be a tribute to how hard the SA Beliebers worked to get him to notice us, we believed our dream would come true and it did.

Then when Justin signs ‘Baby’ we will hold up signs saying “Dankie” – for those thinking he won’t know what it means, Justin has been in SA in 2010 and learned basic words, one of them being Dankie, and even if he forgot, it will make him curious and he’ll find out what Dankie means (most probably via google translate) and I’m sure he will appreciate it, just imagine how happy he’ll be and maybe tweet “DANKIE SOUTH AFRICA” after the show! The reason we’ll be during it during Baby is because it’s the last song he sings and we want to thank him in South Africa’s main language. (We want to stick to Afrikaans otherwise there will be too many words for him to translate.)

Then after he finished singing ‘Baby’ all of us will throw streamers in the air to celebrate the amazing concert we experienced.

The signs are easy to make, print it on an A4 paper, the text must be in Arial Black in the biggest size possible. We will try to bring extra signs and streamers for those who forgot but if you don’t mind, bring extras along – it will be very helpful.

We need everyone to join in on this project to make it successful so send this link to as many people as possible!

For questions tweet us @RSABELIEBERS – for JHB concert tweet @The_SAbeliebers

Thank you for taking the time to read! <3

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