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CareerXplora – a career helpline in the palm of your hand

Are you one of the many learners who don’t know what subjects to choose or feel you may have chosen the wrong subjects? Don’t know what to do after school?

Are any of these questions going through your mind?

  • Should I study full time, part-time, take a gap year, work full-time or be an entrepreneur?
  • Should I take Mathematics although I do not understand it?
  • Is Economics compulsory for a B Com degree?
  • Is Tourism a designated subject?
  • Where can I study Sound Engineering or Cosmetology?

If so…you need the CareerXplora app! This app offers a variety of built-in school, career, tertiary study, tertiary funding and job content (accessible at any time), all customised just for you. You can get answers to all the questions you have and gain a better understanding of the world of work and where you fit into it by completing the career quizzes on your cell phone.

Best of all, CareerXplora offers a live chat service with experienced guidance facilitators regarding any career-related questions you may have. They are available to give you advice on Mondays to Wednesdays from 15h00 to 18h00 and Thursdays from 15h00 to 20h00.

Download the CareerXplora app from the Google Play store (at no charge) or visit on any cell phone that has a web browser. A quick 2-minute registration is needed before you can start exploring the service.

Sections in the app include:

  • Live Chat
  • Career Quizzes
  • Career Areas, Fields and Jobs
  • Dr Lanette’s Motivational Blog
  • What and Where to Study
  • Exam, Test and Study Tips
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Support Links and Functions
  • News and Useful Information

Brainwave Careers, in proud partnership with Investec, are empowering learners like you to reach their full potential by assisting you in discovering who you are and where you are best suited to in the “world of work”.

Start exploring a brighter future with CareerXplora today!

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