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Celine has landed


Celine has landed

Céline is a multi-talented 22-year-old South African singer, musician, songwriter and actress.  Besides singing, she plays the guitar, drums, bass guitar (having successfully completed the Rockschool, London grade 8 examinations in these instruments) as well as piano.

Céline released her long-awaited début album called “Blue” in April. Céline has spent the last three years working on perfecting the songs.  Together with her producer, Riaan Steyn, from Traxtudio, she has created songs that have a unique sound that ties together her influences, but still remain true to her style of writing.  Her songs are a delightful blend of genres from pop to rock with a touch of blues and adult contemporary and even some latin!  This fusion style appeals to a wide audience as everyone can find an element that they can relate to.

The album title “BLUE”:

“I’ve always been intrigued by the colour blue and the symbolism behind it. The phrase ‘feeling blue’ is typically understood to mean that one is feeling sad or down in the dumps” says Celine. “But I believe that the colour blue conveys such a wide spectrum of feelings, emotions, attitudes and states of being through its different shades.  Blue can be confident or timid, it can be peaceful or melancholic, sensitive yet strong, quiet or dynamic, and steadfast or cold, among so many other things.”

“During the process of writing the songs on this album, I have been through situations and experiences, had thought patterns and made observations that strongly correlate with the meanings behind the colour blue. When I had to come up with a title for the album that ties all the songs and their themes together, I felt that ‘Blue’ was a perfect fit. The songs on this album represent what ‘feeling blue’, through its entire spectrum, means to me.”

Background info: 

Céline has been performing since she was 11 years old and she likes to create and write unique sounding songs that are meaningful, catchy, interesting to listen to and that incorporate elements from different genres. She has just completed her studies in performing arts (acting, singing, dance and musical theatre). As far as achievements go, she won a publishing contract with Traxtudio International in 2015 when she was awarded first place in the original song category at the Barnyard Talent Search competition. She achieved the highest results in the country for her Grade 6 Rockschool music examinations for drums in 2013 and guitar and bass guitar in 2015.  She played the guitar and bass guitar exams back to back, merely switching instruments, without a break!

Her unique hairstyles are sponsored by Gary Castleton, owner of “Le Cut” hair salon in Durbanville. She has also been invited to be an endorsee of the music retail group, Mars Music.  Her songs have also been playlisted on 14 radio stations throughout South Africa including KFM, Bay Radio and Clicks Radio Retail. Early in April she was invited to be the musical guest of the SABC3 morning Expresso show and a few days later she had an interview with Carl Wastie on the Coca Cola Top 40 show on KFM 94.5 FM. Basically, she’s here to stay!

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Twitter: @celinemusicsa

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