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The Cheapskate Diaries: Tried and Tested


The Cheapskate Diaries: Tried and Tested


“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well, of course it doesn’t, this isn’t The Sims 2 unfortunately. I have found that ‘adulting’ or heading towards the life of ‘adulting’ to be a rather taxing one, pun absolutely intended! Now all those words you have just read leads to a very vital purpose for this article. I would like to share some tried and tested money saving tips with you because 1) I’m a cheapskate and 2) I need to save my money for food and clothes because I’m a closet Shopaholic. Now I have decided to dub this article The Cheapskate Diaries for a reason. Why? Because it deals with personal issues like health and certain life hacks and it deals greatly with money saving tips thus making us cheapskates. They never told us that being a full-time student would lead to becoming a needy broke person so let’s cut some costs shall we?

To start us off I shall tackle facial care. We know there are products out there that really work but they are hella expensive and so we choose to go for cheaper, yet less effective. Bring your eyes down here and have a look at some of these life hacks that will cost you next to nothing because these products are found…. Wait for it…. Within your very home, (only thanks to our parents).

MIN_78951_EAABlackheads: They are despicable, noticeable and like everywhere and because of this we are very self-conscious, well peeps fear not because I have a solution for you, an effortless DIY handy face mask thing. Now where to start you ask because I have captured your attention? Simple, you get yourself a fresh lemon 9 or even lemon juice and you squeeze as much of the lemon juice out say you’re using an actual lemon, after this you take a tablespoon of Baking Soda/ Bicarb and you mix it into your lemon juice until you have a thick paste, so match or balance your baking soda/bicarb to lemon juice ratio to ensure that the volume of your lemon juice does not make the mix too watery.

Gently apply this mixture to your affected areas and leave on for about 5-7 minutes then rinse off. As both ingredients are strong on their own accord a mixture of it will be even more intense so I do not recommend leaving it on longer peeps. Rinse off with some cold water, dry your face and moisturize if you do.  You will see the results almost immediately as I noted, but don’t expect a miracle in a few minutes.  Repeat perhaps 2 weekly until the results are to your standard.

Do you suffer from naturally oily hair? Have little time on your hands to focus on your hair or due to laziness when it comes to your personal hygiene? (eeeww guys) Well the solution once more is simple. Baby Powder: It cleans your hair and makes it look shower fresh after a good brush immediately! If you add too much it does sometimes alter the colour shade of your hair but shaking it out and a thorough brushing eliminates that issue.

Another thing that baby powder is handy for is that shine, on your face not your naturally radiant personality but for your face. I don’t dig the base and hectic concealer vibe as it adds to the dirty face so I discovered using baby powder as the saviour to the shiny forehead and it works like a bomb. That those epic selfies or group photos with confidence now without the shine.


Do you feel that your body just feels bloated or slightly acidic or perhaps toxic, not like Homer in The Simpsons opening scene, but it just doesn’t feel healthy to you? The feast your eyes upon the following sentence; it’s detox time, but from the outer body. What is she on about you’re probably wondering? It’s just a simple little trick for the bath, as simple as take 2 table spoons of Epsom Salt/ English Salt and throw it into your bath and as you lie around or you’re like me and you practically flop about in the foam like a walrus either works really then the Magnesium Sulphate actually drains the acidity from your body thus resulting in a detox cleansing the outer body.

Once more returning to the bath but this time to relieve your body of pain, like real physical pain then you will appreciate this. Add some coarse salt to your bath; the amount doesn’t matter because when one swims in the sea have you ever noticed that your body is at ease without pain even receiving quite the beating from the tumblers? That is due to the salt having a healing ability that moves through your body and attacks areas of pain and inflammation and actually renders it painless or actually cures the inflammation so need for some fancy medication, expensive heat rubs and such however I do implore that you don’t take this as your only cure for the pain if it is rather immense then still head to your doctor, the salt bath will however relieve you of the pain until you arrive at a doctor.

Coconut2Do you have scars on your face due to injury or the casual pooping of pimples? Well let me introduce you to a little secret, Coconut oil, not the one for cooking but the one like the castor oil. I swear by this and an inexpensive vitamin E cream which isn’t necessary if you really use the coconut oil often. Just dab some on the affected areas for a short time period of a week for starters and you will notice the scar fades and the bruising will soon vanish. Coconut oil is also excellent for whitening your teeth, so forget about that expensive ultraviolet smile electronic device and keep it simple and cheap. It’s not as massive task so it can be done. Whenever you feel like it give your teeth a brush with some coconut oil added onto your tooth brush and brush as if you would your teeth normally. The coconut oil isn’t an intense ingredient by nature and has multiple benefits even for hair growth so multiple exposure to your teeth won’t cause harm.

We all want eyebrows like Cara Delevigne right? It’s the trend after all so for fuller eyebrows without the need of bookings at the salon to implant and or tattoo hair onto your brows you can apply a mixture of Coconut oil and Castor oil and an avocado/Aloe Vera/ Vaseline/ vitamin E oil (which ever you have readily available among those 4 ingredients mix and mix it together and apply to your eyebrows daily. Results will be best visible a few months in but it will grow as all the above mentioned ingredients are known to improve hair stimulation, strength, shine and growth. This mix can also be used on your lashes to get them thicker and longer as well.

There is a higher chance of the growth occurring due to the ingredients being natural and there are no known or obvious threats with extensive long term use. Also I am living proof that I am not dead or critically ill or scarred by any of these tips and DIY mixes or else I wouldn’t be promoting this. I am all about natural ingredients when it comes to my body, I have researched every option intensely and found the ones that work and are cost effective. I do have more tips by I need to save some for another article of tried and tested cost effective ways to survive this expensive commercial world. I also have a few great tips for physical health and exercises that work so if this article proves successful then one should expect more articles to follow for you all. Please inform us on if you have any extra cost effective DIY remedies or tips because sharing is caring and we all benefit here or if you have feedback on the advice I just gave then feel free to update me.

By: Sharon van Diggelen 

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