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College Daze

At this point in life we’ve grown to discover that there’s much more to it, this comes with a clear analogy of each phase one has been through. The nursing stages, when responsibility was spoon fed to us during Primary and High school where responsibility was defined, but still tendered too, now it’s the new Phase of our young lives, post high school – Varsity, where responsibility is imperative.

Some of us are fortunate enough to still live with the rents, some independent within the perimeters of Campus Residences, and then there are some, out there alone, fragile overwhelmed and discovering true independence. Truth is, at this point, life becomes real, and for that brief fragment in time, everything about the world seems to be against you. This phase of life is where one grasps the meaning of ‘fish out of water’!

Everything about this new life is exciting. At this point we are going through a roller coaster of emotions: saddened hearts about the friends and life left behind, along with excited and anxious minds about what’s to come. It all hits us after giving our parents that final wave goodbye as their car fades out of sight, on the road headed home, and as a game console, the start button is pressed. The emotions twirl in different directions when you get to meet your room mate, orientation week, and all the adventures that begin, and so the excitement builds.

This phase is not just daunting; it merely is a challenging obstacle course that we pride ourselves upon coping with. Some grasp it with such ease, that they hardly sweat, however we all slip, we fall, we graze our knees, jump too low, and don’t reach far enough, but eventually we make it to the finish line.

The College/Varsity phase will be flooded with many failures, great and petty, it’s a phase where a lot of hurt and joy is experienced all at once, but it’s also a learning curve. Like a floundering fish, we smell the water, flop back into it, and yes we’ll be greeted by strong and vigorous tides, but we find our stride, pace and stroke, and swim through them. We discover the adventure of the ocean, and how limitless this new life is, and we whole-heartedly throw ourselves in.

This is the phase where you truly discover that anything is possible, that we are all destined for greatness, and we will achieve it. The falls, hurt and set backs we experience will merely make us stronger as individuals. It’s a phase within which we are taught that every failure is a platform to grow. The best part about this phase, is that it is the time to make mistakes, as that’s the best way of learning. Live each day to the full, Carpe Diem, go out and fully explore what the world has to offer, as this is the time to do it, this is the time to discover who you are, and where you’re true passion lies. Don’t be Afraid, as fear will inhibit your growth. This is that time, Grab it with both hands, and make the most of it. BE YOU!!!

By Muzi Zuma

Muzi Zuma is a college student who would like to share his experiences of life after school. You may agree, disagree or just read something to think about. You are not alone in the struggle called life!

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