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‘The Voice SA’ 2017 winner, Craig Lucas!

Craig Lucas


‘The Voice SA’ 2017 winner, Craig Lucas!

The Voice 2017 winner, Craig Lucas’ debut album, entitled Restless was released towards the end of October by Universal Music South Africa. Teenzone had the opportunity of talking to the South African talent, just after the release of his new album. Here’s what Craig had to say about his new album as well as his involvement on The Voice SA 2017:

You released your first album at the end of October. Can you even put your excitement into words?

I am so proud of the album as a whole body of work. I am so lucky to have worked with some of the best in the industry who have given my songs life and I cant wait to share it with everyone. This album is my thank you to everyone who has been supporting me since the voice. It is my first album and I am still trying to figure out a lot about myself as a person, musically, and I am really excited to receive feedback from my fans.

What are your expectations for the album?

I hope that it does well. I hope that my fans enjoy it as much as I do. The album is very varied and I know different people will respond to and enjoy different songs.

We got a taste of your album earlier this year in the form of your single, I Said This. Was it nerve-wrecking releasing your first single since your The Voice SA win?

It was very stressful. We had about two days to choose and finish the song and I didn’t want to disappoint anybody and wanted as many people as possible to enjoy to track. It was very well-received though so the rest of the process was less stressful for me.

The Voice South Africa

You released your second single, Smother, just last week. How has the track been received so far?

The track has been received really well. It is playing on a number of radio stations and has already started charting on KFM in less than a week after its release! It is always very well received when performed live.

The track was written earlier this year during a writing session with Jethro Tait. What’s one of the most important lessons you took from the writing experience?

To not hold back. Writing music is a very personal process for me and so having to write with somebody was difficult at first, but as soon as I let go of any sort of fear or overthinking the music just started flowing out of me.

What would you say is the core message of the track?

The song is about being so in love with someone that it makes you blind and you end up hurting or losing yourself in the love instead of having it build you up as it should be. We all find ourselves in that sort of situation sometime during our lives.

Did you do anymore song writing on this album?

I co-wrote 6 of the 9 original tracks on the album. Some were incomplete songs that I had written that we went into studio and finished (burning, hearts exposed, young and stupid), some were started from scratch with another writer (smother, December and they don’t really care about us).

You originally come from Cape Town. How do you think your roots have affected your music?

I grew up in Elsies River in Cape Town, where drugs, crime and gangsterism is rampant. I was exposed to some terrible things growing up and this has found its way into my music, some lyrics are dark and gritty because I wanted to keep it real. There is also so much beauty and hope and talent and love in areas like elsies river and this hopefulness can be found throughout the album.


It seems that you truly do appreciate and love your Mother. Will you be celebrating this release with her?

Definitely! She is so excited about the album. Everything that we’ve been through prior to, during and after the voice has lead to this album release and I cant wait to share it with her. Now that the album is done I hope to be able to take her on vacation soon.

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