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Debbie Ryan – Read all about this new rising star!


Debbie Ryan – Read all about this new rising star!

Did you enjoy acting in “The Suite Life on Deck”?

Yes, we had such a great family on the show, i am definitaely going to miss them. I don’t think there is anything I would change about the stories the writers gave me, we have a really great team and they were always listening to what we really wanted. My favourite episode is “Gradutaion on Deck” but i also love the one where Bailey gets possessed by Princess Zaria.

How do you get along with Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

We’re great friends. If you’ve heard anything about the Sprouse Brothers then you’ll know that they’re pranksters. We mess with each other and they always mess with me more than anything. But I absolutely adore those kids and I am going to be friends with them for life, I know that. You’ve just got to put them in their place every once in a while!

Do you hang out together when filming is over?

Dylan and Cole came by the set of “Jessie” just yesterday! From the beginning, it was very much established that we would always remain friends.

You play several instruments such as guitar, piano, and keyboard and you write songs. Do you have any plans to have a music career?

I don’t think I will make an album. My brother produces music in our home studio, so we are always recording something, but I am just taking it song by song! I really enjoy the process.

Who are your acting idols?

I love Emma Stone and I watched a lot of Amanda Bynes when I was growing up. I like people who can completely ignore the pressures of always having to look good. Being self-aware kills your performance and these girls are extremely confident.

Your father was in the military so you often moved to different places in Europe. Which place in Europe did you like the most?

I have pictures of the Eiffel Tower all over my room. But I think I like London the most!

What are your future plans?

Well, I am going to be in a brand new Disney Channel show called “Jessie”. It’s about a girl who moves to New York City after graduation and ends up becoming a nanny for a high profile couple and their four kids. She’s finding herself, she’s seeing the world, and she’s helping these kids through their ups and downs as well so it’s a great project. I believe in it very much so I’m really excited to show the world what I’ve been working on.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you dearly for watching the show, and for watching “16 Wishes.” I can’t wait to share “Jessie,” my music, and some other fun projects with you as soon as possible! I adore you!

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