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The delightful Matthew Mole


The delightful Matthew Mole

Teenzone was excited to sit down with the talented and ever delightful, Matthew Mole. ‘Delightful’ sounds like an appropriate adjective for afternoon tea but it also definitely fits Matthew Mole‘s description. Matthew Mole is humble and kind, at one point thanking me for knowing his hit, Run. In other words, delightful. Here is what he had to say about his latest album and his singles Run and Holding On:  

Matthew Mole

  1. And how does that feel? Does that feeling ever go away?

That is the crazy thing. I’ve never gotten used to that. Cause I’ll sit in a room and write a song and it’s incredibly personal so I don’t understand how people all of a sudden know the words. And they’re singing it back. It’s amazing and I’m so honoured. I’m not used to it and I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.  

  1. How has the reception for your single ‘Holding On’ been so far?

I still call my latest album new. It’s been cool since the album has come out. There was another song ‘Run’ that came out before that. It’s been cool to play them. Hopefully ‘Holding On’ picks up more and more.

  1. How did you decide that ‘Holding On’ would be one of your singles?

‘Run’ is obviously after the album so it was a first choice when it came to a single. Of course, the sound of ‘Run’ represented the sound of the album. With ‘Holding On’, the whole writing process was always fun and I thought it would be a cool one to go second because I really like to play it and I really like to sing it. This is a fun song to play live.

  1. You followed a very different production process with this album than you did with your first album. How did this one compare?

The first album was made up of songs that I had been writing for nearly four years. With the first album, we recorded songs in big halls and that kind of thing. But we ultimately recorded it in studio. The second one, I had to quickly write songs in a year or two years maybe. I wanted to have more fun with this one. The way I used to write songs was like sitting outside and writing. So instead of sitting in a studio and writing the song, I wanted to go somewhere different. There was this big church in England that we went to record some of the sounds. Me and a friend of mine went to cool places to record stuff to see what it would sound like.

Matthew Mole

Matthew Mole and Kriszti Bottyan

  1. Did you go about this purely because you wanted to explore other sounds or did you do it in order for your music to sound more authentic?

The whole idea was that I used to record songs in my room and then I would record them and put them online immediately. I didn’t know how to record songs properly in a studio so I would have fun with it and do weird things. I wanted to go back to that idea. It makes the music and production almost raw.      

  1. Were you heavily involved in the production of your music video ‘Run’?

So this is the video where the guy kidnaps me. We wanted to do a video for it and there was a guy by the name of Boa Bosch from Straatligkinders. He directed the music video. We needed a video so we spoke to him because he has really cool stories in his music videos. Then we came up with the whole concept. It doesn’t have anything to do with the song but it was a cool. Some people watch the video and find a metaphor in it though. So he came up with that whole concept and he told me about it and I was like ‘Wow, that’s so different but so rad.’ We took a day and a half to film it all. It was a fun process.

  1. Do you enjoy the creative process of music videos?

I don’t like to be in front of cameras and stuff but it comes with the territory. So it’s fun to do it but I’m always very self-conscious. It’s very enjoyable though.

  1. You have quite a few tats, what is your newest one?

I had this one done for the latest music video. It was the vibe that my own lyrics are on my arm, it means something to me but in the music video we had a lot of lyrical things in the music video. There were lyrics on food and very different things. So the people that came up with that idea told me I should get a tattoo of one of the lyrics on my arm. I love that idea, getting a tattoo just for the video.    

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