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‘Digital’ contraceptives – NO, NO, NO!


‘Digital’ contraceptives – NO, NO, NO!

Swedish app “Natural Cycles” can’t have failed to have caught your attention. It claims to be a “digital” contraceptive. You sign up to the app for approximately R1000 per year, and get sent a thermometer in the post. Each morning you are told to take your temperature and input the data. The app will then tell you your fertility level on that particular day, and therefore whether or not you are ‘safe’ to have unprotected sex. “Natural Cycles” is not the only one of these apps but it is the one that has received the most attention, and appears to have the most data backing its use.


There are several issues here: the first one being the key fact that many women have become pregnant while using the app for contraception. The second issue is that unprotected sex is not ‘safe’ and therefore the whole idea behind the app is dangerous for the young people that are using it.

Please do not be drawn in by the advertising.

Speak to your doctor to discuss forms of contraception – they will advise you as to the best route to take.


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