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DIY – Your first veggie patch


DIY – Your first veggie patch

Growing your own vegetables might be easier than you think. Having your own vegetable patch might seem like some kind of countryside dream, but it is in fact very possible to grow your own fresh, organic veggies in the comfort of your own backyard. Depending on what you want to grow, you don’t necessarily need metres and metres of space. Some vegetables can grow in a big pot placed on a balcony or window ledge. Growing your own herbs and veggies can be very rewarding in terms of their time-reward ratio.

Veggie Patch

Where to plant the patch

Take a look at the space in your garden and work out where the best place will be for your veggie patch. Ideally, you’ll want your vegetables to sit in an area where they can receive full sun. However, you will also want your patch to be somewhat protected from the elements. Vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers cannot grow if their roots are rocked by the wind. You can build protective barriers or even plant a permanent hedge around the patch to protect it from the wind.

Preparing the ground

If you’re very serious about producing your own fresh, organic veggies, you will need to prepare the soil properly before you can start planting. You will need to clear the grass, dig over the soil, and pick out any weeds and roots.

What to plant?

It’s recommended that you start off with something relatively simple to grow and as low maintenance as possible. Here are three easy veggies to start with.

  • Mint

Mint loves water and can grow in a semi-shaded area, in a minimum of a 30x30cm pot. You can start picking the herb after one to two months of growing.

Veggie Patch

  • Zucchini

Simply give your zucchini enough water and sunlight and you’ll be eating fresh greens in a matter of a month. You need a minimum space of 50x50cm, and be very careful not to grow them too close together. You will also need to be cautious of pollination when growing zucchini.

Veggie Patch

  • Cherry tomatoes

These are fool-proof to grow, as long as you don’t lose interest before the harvest. Tomatoes are vertical climbers, so allocate at least 50x50cm to grow. Cherry tomatoes need a few months to grow and the start can be slow, but after a well-deserved wait you’ll have more cherry tomatoes than you can count. Grow some basil in the same patch: the two go hand-in-hand together!

Veggie Patch

By: Charlotte Bastiaanse

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