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Don’t get a tattoo this holiday!


Don’t get a tattoo this holiday!

This research from the UK proves that most people regret getting those spur-of-the-moment tattoos! Think before you ink!

One in five young adult British holiday-makers who go abroad will return home with a tattoo, it has been discovered. A survey of 1,790 people found that a surprising number of Brits return from their holiday with inked skin to go along with their key rings, postcards and dodgy souvenirs. 19% of 18-25-year-olds said they had previously had a tattoo done while away. 54% said they knew someone else who had had a tattoo done whilst on holiday.

The majority of respondents who admitted to having a tattoo done whilst on holiday were female; comprising 65% of the total number of tattooed respondents. Of those, two thirds, 67%, claimed to regret their choice. Not surprising when you think that 27% get tattoos of stars, 22% get a phrase and 16% a heart shape. Chris Clarkson, of, which commissioned the study, said: “Getting a tattoo on holiday might seem like a good idea at the time, but the number of people that were found to have regretted doing so in this poll just goes to show that it might not be the best choice.”

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