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Dr Love answers your questions


Dr Love answers your questions

Q: I really, really like this guy. He is in my grade. I’m way too scared to tell him how I feel because I know he is going to tell everybody. He is in the popular group with loads of other girls and they all like him. Unfortunately I’m not in the popular group. He just thinks of me as a friend. He barely ever really talks to me, but sometimes in class he’ll poke me with a pen and then he’ll start to flirt. Whenever he looks at me he smiles, and I just can’t help myself…I have to smile back! Please, I really need help!

A: Since when do you have to be in a certain group to be friends with someone? It sounds from what you are saying that the “liking each other” is mutual. Develop a quality friendship over time and see where that leads. Don’t rush things but know that life is too short to not go after what you want. I am not suggesting you rush out and declare your undying love to him, but that you simply pursue the friendship and see where that leads. 

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