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Dr Love: Fifth wheel


Dr Love: Fifth wheel

Q: I’m a 15 year old girl and I have two best friends and they both have BFs. At first only one had a boyfriend, but then after some time the single friend started going out with my friend’s boyfriend’s BFF. I feel like such a fifth wheel! I try not to make my feelings too obvious because both my friends are happy, During break I have other friends to be with, but in class I don’t. So I play cards with all the guys in class to occupy my time. I have no idea what to do. I am so confused, please help!

A: It’s never good to feel like the third wheel, let alone the fifth! In some regards you should not think about it too much, as you will be placing unwanted stress on yourself. You should try not to place yourself in a position that doesn’t make you feel like the fifth wheel, by doing exactly what you’re currently doing. Carry on doing things that will take your mind off wanting to have a boyfriend because your two best friends have boyfriends. It is a pretty uncomfortable situation to be in, but you need to remember that love often happens when you least expect it.

In the meantime, focus on yourself and whatever makes you happy. Sometimes you need to be selfish in order to protect yourself and maintain your own happiness. This time will allow for you to become more confident, and that’s a key characteristic that makes people attractive to others.

However, if you feel that the situation is really getting to you, then perhaps you could have a chat with your best friends about how you feel. Through this, they’d be able to improve on things that would make you feel more comfortable around them – maybe suggest some ‘girl only’ time. But as I said, don’t be overly worried about being single at the moment – love will find you when it’s meant to.

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