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Dr Love: He ended our friendship


Dr Love: He ended our friendship

Q: I have been best friends with this guy for almost two years. It was kind of a love-hate friendship. We had our fights now and then, but recently everything went downhill. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s really complicated. I think I may be in love with him, but he loves this girl who doesn’t particularly like me, and I don’t like her. But lately, he’s been a jerk (more than usual) and we had this big fight and then he ended our friendship. I don’t know what to do; he’s always been my anchor. How can someone who treats me so badly also be the best thing for me? I’m clueless, please help me. 

A: No, you’re mistaken! He is not the best thing for you if he treats you like you say he does. Maybe his true colours have shown through? Why would you want to be romantically involved with someone who ended a friendship with you? Sometimes in life, it’s hard to let things go, but we are always better off for doing that. You cannot force what isn’t there. Move on.

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