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‘Dunkirk’ Director didn’t know how famous Harry Styles was


‘Dunkirk’ Director didn’t know how famous Harry Styles was


Harry Styles will be making his first acting debut in the film Dunkirk later this year. Harry had to make quite the transformation not only from the singing to acting world but he also had to cut off his famous locks! In the upcoming film Harry plays a British soldier caught in the madness of the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk Frank in 1940. 

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While fans are beyond excited to see yet another facet of Harry’s talented self, the Director of the movie, Christopher Nolan, now claims he didn’t realise just how famous the star was when he cast Harry. In an interview with Billboard, the famed director commented that Harry truly earned the role based on his talent.

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“I don’t think I was that aware really of how famous Harry was,” he said. “I mean, my daughter had talked about him. My kids talked about him, but I wasn’t really that aware of it. So the truth is, I cast Harry because he fit the part wonderfully and truly earned a seat at the table.”



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