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Easy Freak releases a brand new single and video: Good Times


Easy Freak releases a brand new single and video: Good Times

EASY FREAK has released a brand new single and video, entitled Good Times – available on all streaming platforms as of today.

“‘Good Times’ is all about good vibes and not taking yourself too seriously. The lyrics are pretty relatable as well – ‘I don’t have no diamonds but I shine bright!’. Very often the Hip Hop music scene is portrayed as being really lavish and image-driven, but we live pretty normal lives so we wanted to carry that across.” says Jude.
Showing the evolution in EASY FREAK’s sound with this fresh sound, the duo has always written music which they enjoy and listen to, and at the moment they are inspired by Hip Hop and RnB. Good Times is about escaping the idea that you need to have certain material things to have fun or be cool; it’s a song for everyone.

The video for Good Times was shot over the course of a few days in March 2018 by Brett Jones (who also shot the video for one of their previous singles ‘Gotta Be You’), and was co-directed by Brett and Dom. Dom came up with the main concept for the video – Dom and Jude are characters out of an 80s karaoke video – and expanded on it together with Brett. The video also features actors Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows.
Check it out today!

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