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Entrepreneur profile: Kwasi Awuah


Entrepreneur profile: Kwasi Awuah


An entrepreneur is someone who finds a gap in the market and simply fills it. The word ‘simply’ has been used lightly in this case. It is a person who starts, organises and manages an enterprise. South Africa’s entrepreneurial growth is steadily increasing. There are many problems in South Africa, but one of the biggest, perhaps the biggest, is the economy. Some believe that the answer to saving the economy lies in entrepreneurship. This is the third of four entrepreneur profiles that appeared in The Study and Talent Guide. For more visit here

Please give a short description of who you are and what your business is.

My name is Kwasi Awuah Yinkah and I was born on 6 February 1994. I am currently studying towards completing BCom Honours in Accounting at the University of the Free State. My business is called KYNETIC and we are a renewable energy company that is trying to provide renewable energy solutions across Africa with the aim of lighting up Africa wirelessly, one country at a time.

What drove you to start this company specifically?

I started this company to take advantage of the high electrical energy demands in South Africa by providing innovative solutions to the current problem. My aim was also to try to integrate new technology that can help individuals power their electrical devices if they find that they are not close to an electrical source.

What skills do you think are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur?

I think that communication skills are key as this will allow you to communicate with your customers and suppliers. Other skills that I find important are analytical and research skills, computer and technical skills, flexibility and the ability to manage different priorities.

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