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Exam time anxiety?


Exam time anxiety?

So you obviously followed all the great advice school gave you on studying for your exams, like:

  • Clearing your workspace
  • During your revision after class every day
  • Sticking religiously to your exam timetable
  • Not spending much time with friends or your crush on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp…

Or maybe not…

Let’s face it: we will always leave studying to the last minute! Imagine if we were all organised, how boring life would be…

Don’t panic, we have some great tips for all those last-minute cramming sessions. (P.S. This form of study is definitely not advisable, but here goes…)

  • Stay away from coffee or energy drinks, because they make you hyper and then the after-effect is a slump. Living on the stuff is simply not an option. Rather eat an apple, it contains a lot more natural energy!
  • Make sure the area you are studying in is well lit so you don’t fall asleep.
  • No sitting on your bed. It’s got to be a hard chair that is not comfortable.
  • Even better: walk around the room and read the work you are studying out loud. Take a few minutes to try to understand the work rather than “parrot-fashioning” it. Your brain will absorb it better if you have put it into your own words and said it out loud whilst you read it.
  • Put off all distractions. These include cellphones, TVs, laptops, iPods, iPads and anything else that beeps, blinks or flashes.
  • Do whatever it takes to remember keywords: draw them in colour, make up rhymes or draw a picture because sometimes when your mind goes blank in an exam it recalls pictures more easily than words.
  • Sometimes teachers emphasise certain chapters, or repeat information and go that extra mile to explain a topic. Take note of these while studying. You can be sure that they will come up somewhere in the exam!
  • Sleep! We all know that burning the midnight oil is unfortunately inevitable, but try to get at least six hours before the exam to give your brain a rest and feel refreshed.
  • On your way to school, take a notepad or notecard with a few keywords for you to once-over the most important work. This will refresh your memory!

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