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Exclusive Interview with Lavuvzela!


Exclusive Interview with Lavuvzela!

While Nikita and Graeme were waiting to interview the Idols, they managed to sneak a quick chat with the girls, Tamsyn Makr, Tarryn Lamb, Samantha Heldsinger from Lavuvuzela!

Are you a cat or dog person?

Tamsyn: Oh, definitely a dog person

Tarryn: I love dogs

Samantha: I’m torn, I love cats more [laughing]

What has been your favourite Lavuvuzela performance?

Tamsyn: For me, Joburg Day – 20 000 people, the best SA artists.

Tarryn: Seeing the Bokke go off. It was an honour for me ‘cause we’re ambassadors for the Springbok supporters club.

Samantha: Miss South Africa, we represented for the ladies. We were there rooting for them, and the best woman won.

Who would you most like to work with – local or international?

Tamsyn: My favourite artist is Alicia Keys.

Tarryn: As a singer I would like to work with David Foster, he’s an incredible song writer. And as performer, I would love for us to do a feature with Pitbull – he’s rocking the airwaves right now.

Samantha: I think Prime Circle. I’m really enjoying the Graeme Watkins project; they really are coming up in the world, I think it would be awesome to do a collab with them.

Who is your local and international celeb crush?

Tamsyn: My ex-boyfriend is Christiano Ronaldo [Laughing]; we broke up during the World Cup. Josh Duhamel is my man.

Tarryn: Locally, I’ve got a crush on Trevor Noah; I believe he is going to be my next husband. Internationally I like Orlando Bloom, he is quite hot.

Samantha: I have a crush on Ross from Prime Circle. Internationally, I like Ashton Kutcher.

Any words for your fans?

Tamsyn: We just want to say thank you for the support and love that we have been getting from our fans. Stick with us, live your dream, live your life, and have fun.

Tarryn: To the fans out there, or just to anybody loving music: music is amazing ‘cause it enhances our lives, and it’s a release for a lot of us. So when you having a down day, just turn up the radio on like 500 and smile, ‘cause you know what… God loves you.

Samantha: To all the fans if any of you want to become dancers or singers one day, just keep on trying. You can always live your dream no matter what. Don’t let anyone bring you down. We have kept on pushing. Keep working hard and you will make it.

© Graeme Bland Photographer

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