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Explore More – Spring Holidays


Explore More – Spring Holidays

Spring holidays have arrived and for most of you that probably means a one- or two-week break from the reality that is school. Routine has probably gotten old and your sense of adventure has begun to twitch. It is time to explore, and sometimes finding interesting things to do is not always an easy task, as there are just so much to do, with so little time. Therefore, in order for you to spend less time planning and more time doing, here are some suggestions of things that you could do.

HolidayAdrenaline junkies

Ice skating always seems like a fab idea, however, if going to the ice rink becomes mundane for you, or you would like a change in scenery, or the cold is just not your thing, then maybe you should give a roller rink ( a visit. However, instead of gliding, you could fly, as there are a few trampoline parks that have sprung up within the last year or so, with Bounce Inc being the latest to open their new branch in Pretoria. If you live near Greenstone Mall in Johannesburg, or Claremont in Cape Town, Rush is definitely closer.

Lovers of art

Sometimes though, a great play might be the adventure that will transport you to another world … as your enjoyment happens to be the number one priority. There are many theatres throughout South Africa. Just do a little research and find out which plays happen to be showing in your city this holiday.

Nature enthusiasts


If adrenaline is not your thing, and neither is silence, then maybe you need something that’s a little bit in between. So here is an adventure that may intrigue you. Going on a game drive or a nature hike may be interesting, as you never know what you may see. A nature reserve that may interest you is the Krugersdorp Game Reserve in Gauteng. If you live near the Vaal, then maybe an outing to the Emarald Resort and Casino’s Animal World might suit you better. If you live around Cape Town, then perhaps you may want to pay a visit to the Cape Point Nature Reserve, and if Durban is your home town, you might enjoy a visit to the Roosfontein Nature Reserve.

These suggestions are just a fraction of what South Africa has to offer, and if you would like to adventure even more, then maybe you can organise a photo day with friends, try a different cinema, or even plan a list of activities you would like to do next holiday.

Whatever the case may be, remember to stay safe, and adventure with a group. Have fun and enjoy your holidays!

By: Angelica Thomas

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