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One of the hardest parts of your younger years is working out who you are and who you ultimately want to be…

It’s all too easy to feel that we are supposed to have all the answers right now, and to be the developed humanoid everybody wants to see.

But here’s the truth… Nobody has all the answers, and nobody (at least nobody worth knowing) has ‘arrived’ in life at the destination of ‘the perfect self’. It doesn’t matter if you’re six, 16 or 60 – we are all learning and growing and finding out more about ourselves on the way.

This is not as terrifying as it might sound. People change. We grow and develop. And changing and growing and developing are all part of the adventure. Along the way we’ll adapt our values, adapt our belief systems, move in different circles, have different interests and use different strengths. This is not because you were wrong once and are now right, but because life is a journey and change is inevitable!

The trick is not to be afraid of ‘failure’ or ‘getting it wrong’, but to enjoy expressing who you are from day to day. Accept that who are you are today, may not be exactly who you will be next week, and that what you wear today, may be something you wouldn’t be seen dead in, in five years’ time. This is all part of the fun. Try not to take it too seriously!

Be the best version of yourself, but know that change is coming. Never hide away waiting for the moment when you have hit ‘perfection’, because it isn’t coming. Instead, be your big, bold and beautiful self today and enjoy it. Live every whim and every phase to the fullest and, when you look back when you’re 90, you’ll know you’ve enjoyed the best and most authentic life you could have lived!

Don’t try and be someone else. Don’t worry about perfect. Be messy and be yourself – everyone else is taken!


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