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Fallen Stars – Margaret Muyonjo


Fallen Stars – Margaret Muyonjo

They were the children of parents who wept.

They were the students of teachers in distress.

They were the partners of numerous lovers

Today, they are the owners of an unfortunate reality.


I have seen then shine and fade!

Rise up and fall!

Tough gangsters that fought like soldiers;

Lie like dead dogs on the road side.

Students that were too cool to learn;

Now exist in poverty and struggle to live.

Young girls that indulged in promiscuity,

Now walk in shame with their swollen bellies

And die with their virus!


Not very long ago, they had it all!

School was child’s play, they knew it all!

They shone brighter than the stars

And stood out like the full moon!

Life was boring, it was too predictable.

And yet, none could predict today!


None were smart enough to calculate this misfortune.

And those that shone like the stars

Have forgotten to illuminate their path to avoid their fall

They destroyed the future that lay in their hands.

Just yesterday, they rose and shone!

But today, they fade and fall!

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