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Fashion Designer

Meet Faeeza Khan. She initially studied Actuarial Science and worked for 5 years before deciding to study her passion, fashion design. Faeeza graduated last year after studying for three years at LISOF and is currently working at Marianne Fassler as a designer, pattern maker and coordinator.

What are your working hours?
8h00 to 16h30

What does your job entail?
A variety of functions and I enjoy the variety. Making patterns, cutting fabric, measuring clients, managing the production of orders, buying fabric and trims and dealing with magazines to supply them with clothes for fashion shoots.

Are there any glamorous aspects to your job?
Oh yes – fashion shows! I was quite involved in our last one – Africa Fashion Week – where Marianne won an award – Exceptional Contribution To Fashion In Africa. I got to go into the VIP/Media lounge, where I met Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe. I meet many successful women who are clients of ours and some of them are celebs.

What are the mundane aspects?
My job involves some event co-ordination work and admin, things like guests lists which I find boring.

Personality attributes required for this job:
The main personality attribute is someone who loves being creative and really dislikes monotony and routine. A good fashion designer must be in tune with what’s happening in the world of design, i.e. artists, music, architecture so that she can draw inspiration from her surroundings and produce designs that people will love. A designer must be true to herself and not be afraid to express her creativity. Good people skills are important to deal with clients and suppliers. A fashion designer needs passion and energy too.

What are the different types of fashion designing a person can get into?
Fashion designing, styling, fashion journalism, lecturing, fashion buying and costume design

Where did you study, what course?
LISOF (Rosebank), BA Degree in Fashion Design

Entry Level Requirements
Matric Exemption and Art as a school subject is advantageous.

Subjects in the course
Patternmaking, Garment Construction, Design, Computer Design, Textile Theory, History of Fashion, Grading and Visual Studies

Earning Potential
R7 000 entry level as a junior designer. You can expect to earn lots more if you have your own successful fashion label.

What is the market like in terms of jobs and competition?
The job market is highly competitive. It is difficult to find a job in this field. If you choose a good college and you do well in your studies, then you’ll have an advantage. You can start your own business if you do not find work, so there are options.

Any other info you feel teens should know about being a fashion designer?
You need to be passionate and hardworking. Don’t think that it’s all glamorous. Also, this industry is very much about who you know. Concentrate on building a network of people you could work with or mentor under.

Any tips for teens who want to pursue a career in fashion design?
Study art at school because being able to draw really helps when you are a fashion designer, and choose a good college to study at.

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