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Festival Fever


In our experience there are a few definite items you need with you when you hit any festival! Portable cellphone charger | Selfie stick – although some festivals may not let you in with one, so best to check beforehand | Wet Wipes – because you know you are going to get dirty! | Cash – it is better to have cash with you than trying to find an ATM on the day.

When camping, there are a few necessities:
Tent – most important (duh!) | Underwear – be sure to pack in clean underwear for the duration of your stay | Clothing – plan
an outfit for every day, but try to keep away from white fabrics as they won’t stay clean | Wet Wipes – again, they come in so handy | Toothbrush | Toilet paper – you never know | Water – a definite essential; keeping hydrated in the heat is a must | Sunscreen – don’t leave home without it, and keep lathering it on during the day | Bug spray – you know how irritating mosquitoes can get | First aid kit – pack in the basic necessities, plasters, Panados and allergy tablets. There should be a medic tent available at the festival for anything more serious.


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