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First days of University!


First days of University!

Here we all are at the start of a finish line, nerves at their peak and butterflies reproducing at a rapid state in our stomach. The moment is now upon us. Commercial ads chime “Back 2 School” you’re concentrating on the “Back to Reality” part, because now it all becomes real.

As many of your relatives and some friends have shopped for stationery and new school shoes, your list seems quite different. You have more solid things to buy, starting with bed linen, some furniture, appliances and your starter groceries. Be it you’re going to live in Res or in your very first apartment, independence is going to be your new leaf, for 2012.

You’ve possibly booked the ticket leaving home to your destined province where your University is situated, and have started packing, you’re also possibly getting closer and closer to your good-bye’s, the day of absolute sorrow, of piercing heartache, the oxymoron of all oxymoron’s. You’re so happy and excited to leave and start your new life, but the anxiety and fear of what is to come when you’re there, all alone hits home, and suddenly saying ‘good bye’ to your parents is not sounding so sweet, but we do it any way and we survive.

It’s like that time when you’re told “the best way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end” it really is, but breaking it to you, it’s not as bad as its seeming, its really not as lonely. You’re parents will always be there for you, even after graduation, just call and they are there. Varsity is not as scary; remember the people you’ll be with now during your orientation, are your age group, the same characters which reigned in your class in Matric, just with different names and figures.

Again, this is YOUR Time, Your Chance, once blessed with it, embrace it, BE in it fully and let it unveil the you that’s been screaming to be noticed, let your true colours shine, open yourself up to great possibilities and opportunities as that is the best way one can benefit from University, its through this way the real you can be recognised, chiselled and moulded into an immaculate pillar of success.

Remember always, in order to become what you want to be, you need to know that the list is limitless, you need to know yourself, what you want, and who you are, allowing you to become the very person you were always meant to be, a puzzle piece in the prosperous future of South Africa.

Own it, the time is OURS.

Muzi Zuma

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