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This is the first man to star in a L’Oreal makeup advert!


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This is the first man to star in a L’Oreal makeup advert!

Gary, or otherwise known at ‘The Plastic Boy’ is an Instagram makeup blogger who has amassed over 75,000 followers. He does makeup demonstration videos and recently became the first man to star in a make-up advert for L’Oreal. The company has said that they could see male-targeted makeup counters within 5-7 years time. Male specific concealer, foundation, ‘manscara’ and beard fillers can already be bought. Gary spoke to BBC about this incredible step L’Oreal has taken and what it has been like getting to the point where he is now. He noted:

“When you’re put on that kind of pedestal younger boys are looking at you for inspiration, because when I was wearing makeup when I was younger I didn’t have that kind of role model to look up to. So, for the younger generation now, it’s really good for them to have a role model, just so that they don’t feel alone.”

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“I used to love going on YouTube and finding new gurus and new beauty inspirations. And then I really thought one day, there’s no one really like me around, no one with like deeper skin tone. So I just thought, ‘I’m gonna start my own channel.”

“People just loved it and I just loved the engagement I got from people asking me certain questions and it was just people from all over the world and it really just made me feel like I was just helping everyone.”



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