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Flirting 101


So you have your eye on a sweetie in your group who makes your knees weak every time you see him, but you just can’t make that first move to let him know you are interested. Worry no more – with these great tips you will have him in a convo sooner than you think. Here is you flirting 101:

  • Be yourself, make jokes that he would understand (due to common interests) and never try too hard, because most of the time guys hate it when girls try too hard to get their attention.
  • Keep the mood between the two of you light and humorous.
  • Make eye contact – not a stare-down, but an occasional glance his way will work. Be sure to look into his eyes for just a few seconds and then look away. We know it’s scary, but just try it once.
  • Never make it too obvious. Do things that make him feel special in a way that he thinks he is making the first move; for example, encourage him when he is participating in a sports match.
  • Know yourself and love yourself. Confidence can attract anyone to you. Don’t overdo it and just be yourself!
  • Don’t be loud! You may think you are attracting attention, when in fact you are turning yourself into a showboat – and guys actually don’t like that and find it childish.
  • When you do have a few minutes alone, ask him about himself. Have a few questions ready for such an opportunity. Questions like: Do you like this school? What is your favourite subject? Have you studied for the test?
  • Smile! If you walk around all grumpy, you definitely will not be attractive to him, and contrary to common belief, guys don’t really like girls who try to act all b**chy. That’s attitude they are not interested in.
  • Never try to attract his attention by trying to be all sexy. Too much make-up and dresses too short or too tight put you on display. They don’t make you a real person. We’re not saying don’t make an effort, but be sure to dress appropriately. We say style and sass are the way to go!
  • Be intriguing. Find things to do that you enjoy and that you could invite your dude to join you in. Activities like hiking, sport or gaming will get him to see the other more spontaneous side of you and then he will be hooked!
  • We wish you luck and loads of happiness on the love journey.

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