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Foods to avoid!


Foods to avoid!

There are certain types of food and drink that are designed to give your body an unnatural boost of energy. What happens after that boost is that the body has to work even harder to replenish the energy it had before. Try to avoid these foods to help keep your body and its energy levels on track for the entire day.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks get their boost from caffeine, once it wears off your body needs to create more energy to fill the ‘gap’ the caffeine created. Try to drink more water, or juices that have been diluted half with water. 100% fresh fruit juice, when drank too much, can actually become fattening because fruits store nature’s natural sugars.

Sugary Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it kick-starts your metabolism and gets the digestive system functioning; this in turn makes your body burn more calories through the day.

A doughnut on the way to school is definitely not nutritious enough. You will have the energy in your system until the sugar and white flour is used up and then your body will feel drained/hungry again. Best to stick to healthy porridges like Oats or muesli in the mornings as these are slower to digest so they keep you feeling full for longer.

Greasy and Fried foods

The only way your body receives energy and nutrients is from the food you eat. So eating foods that have been deep fried in oil, or foods that need margarine to be fried like bacon, are not good for you. Rather opt for healthier options such as boiled or baked potatoes instead of chips, grilled fish instead of fried, steamed vegetables instead of veggies in a white sauce (white sauce is made of milk and margarine) and try to keep away from salad dressings an alternative is lemon juice with spices.


Not only is alcohol bad for you, because when drinking too much a person turns into a fool, but it also contains a lot of sugar (carbs), and this goes straight to the hips. Alcohol is actually a depressant which alters moods and could affect your sleep pattern. A healthy body and mind requires at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep a night.

Foods low in Iron

Iron Deficiency creates fatigue and this is common in women who are menstruating. The best way to replenish Iron is to eat leafy green vegetables like spinach, artichokes, chickpeas and lentils. Eating a steak or two the week of your menstruation will also make a huge difference. Remember to not eat the fat from the steak and keep the side orders healthy by not ordering chips and sauce.

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