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Garth Taylor discusses music: Past and future


Garth Taylor discusses music: Past and future


The multi-talented Garth Taylor has been a leader in South Africa’s music industry. He is most renowned for being a chart topping singer-songwriter and recording artist. He is a distinguished performer who writes all music and lyrics to his original material. Teenzone sat down with Garth to discuss the greatest moments in his career so far as well as what he’s getting up to these day: 

Although you’ve been nominated for various awards before, would you say that you truly realised the extent of your success after you were personally handpicked by Sir Richard Branson to entertain at his son’s wedding in 2013?

Absolutely! At first I was not aware of who I was preforming for as there was lots of secrecy around it. The wedding was exclusively booked by Hello Magazine in the U.K. We weren’t allowed to say who we were preforming for until after. I found out a couple of days, just before the event and naturally the question was while “Why did he pick me to do this particular events.” Was a big Honour to sing on stage for the opening dance for his son. 

How important do you think it is to play multiple instruments, as a singer or songwriter?

I don’t think it’s important to play multiple instruments, however I do think it’s important to play an instrument. I personally started learning the Guitar and progressed and started playing piano/keyboard which I think is the best idea for any artist to start up  because it is the basic instrument that sets the tone for other instruments, you can play any scale on a Piano and  helps you get used to the idea of cord structures and melodies. Playing Piano has allowed me to have rhythmic experience, meaning I can go on to drums, base and Guitar.

You didn’t exactly come from a past of privilege when you began your musical journey. How do you think your past has influenced not just your music but overall the man you are today?

It definitely has influenced me in terms of my tenacity and my ability to get through the hard times. A musician’s life is not all roses but there are equal highs and equal lows.

What has one of your biggest highlights in your career been?

My biggest highlight was being a celebrity at a children’s home. Coming from a children’s home of course, I was photographed sitting on a celebrities lap at a shopping centre in Zimbabwe and years later I was asked to please go visit a children’s home as a celebrity during Christmas. There was a moment of realisation and truth that I was that kid sitting on my lap and that was best moment of my life that I was able to turn a full circle and become the guy to help other kids who were in my position back then.    

How do your other pastimes (fishing, golf, kickboxing, DIY and car customizing) affect your music making?

I get into trouble all the time, because I end up doing everything but music sometimes but in the same breath it does clear my mind and while doing all the above, I am thinking of my next song. I have millions of voice notes to that effect.

Your newest single is Stronger. What would you say is the core meaning of the track?

It’s an empathy of Women and what they go through every day. It’s an Empathy of their struggles, trials and tribulations that they endure in their life. My mom is one of those so she is a big influencer and the other influencers were the women of the world on my facebook page.  I asked what makes women stronger and then I wrote a song about it.  I think women are stronger then what they think and I think it comes from place of love and not sexism. Women are definitely stronger then what they think and what they are perceived to be.  

What are you currently working on music wise?

I am currently working on some new singles for this year for 2017 and upgrading the studio with some new equipment.

Where can your fans expect to see you perform next?

The best way to keep my fans updated would be on my Facebook music page as Garth Taylor, go onto there and we will announce and put up events. There are defiantly gigs happening from acoustic trios to full on band shows.

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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