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The art of contouring: Gigi Hadid collaborates with Maybelline

Gigi Hadid


The art of contouring: Gigi Hadid collaborates with Maybelline

With the launch of Gigi Hadid‘s Maybelline collaboration, Gigi is shaking up the way you think you should be contouring. She wants you to rethink the way you were taught.

Beauty is more than skin deep

Instead of applying contour last, she wants you to use a tinted primer to contour prior to putting on foundation. If you’re a makeup fanatic then you will know that this goes against everything we’ve been told about contouring. Maybelline definitely knows what they’re doing by using Gigi to communicate the message though, because if a Hadid speaks out about their beauty routine most people will stop and listen.

The creamy formula provides a “natural contour.” It won’t give you that Kardashian chisel but it will give you a more bronzed and silky look. After applying this product, you can skip the bronzer and the contouring. This means that you use lose product and spend less time applying your go-to look in the morning.

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The only trick is that the product needs to be darker than your complexion to make a real difference. If the hue matches your normal skin tone then it can still be used as a primer. Unfortunately, you will then lose its brilliance as a contouring primer.


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