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Girls’ Night

Ladies, ever thought about taking a break from school work or studying? Well, I have a solution to make you forget about all your ABCs and remember your girlfriends!

Girls are supposed to enjoy the company of best of best friends, why not plan a ‘Girls’ Night’? This will be the night when all your friends will just talk about boys, fashion and jewelry. You know, connect again! Especially if school has been in the way.

How to make sure your ‘Girls’ Night’ is loaded with fun.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when you are making the arrangments:
No boyfriends allowed
No boys allowed, brothers – must take a hike!
No parents allowed
No mood killers (stay at home if you are a downer or moody)
No trouble makers, etc.

When planning this event you need to make a list of some places you and your friends would like to go to.
some suggestions:

The ice-rink
The movies
Teenagers club
Theme parkTen-Pin Bowling
Playing pool
Home beauty spa
School social

To lessen the guilt trip over the time it takes – away from your text books – to organise the ‘Girls’ Night’,  arrange them as awards for achievements. This is the only time girls can freely bond and appreciate each other and all the achievements.

Girls, we need our friends more than anything, no matter what happens and so we should take every opportunity to spend time with them.

It is best to ensure that everyone has told their parents, because you don’t want angry parents ruining your night. So if you want to have fun it doesn’t have to be anything illegal and unhealthy! Get creative!

By Shernice Molelekoa

(C) StockLite / Shutterstock

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