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Girls Only!

We all know that having your period during the holidays is totally yucky!! But if you are prepared for it, then it’s really not that bad.

For those of you who have discovered the ease of using a tampon, swimming during THAT time of the month is no issue for you, as well as keeping to those shorts and mini skirts.

Kotex knows what it’s all about and have created a list of what the perfect little “Emergency Period Pack (EPP)” should contain:

Pack of Kotex® tampons         Your period is no excuse not to go out and enjoy the beach or to skip a pool or house party! Kotex’s® revamped tampons have a unique blue ultra-absorbent “zone” for extra leakage protection so you never have to worry about mishaps (and they are smooth for easier insertion).  Look out for Kotex’s® funky new black boxes and colourful, hygienic wrappers – there’s a bright colour for every day of the week to complement your trendy colour-blocked outfit!

1 x spare pair of panties         For when you change out of your wet costume or if you have a little mishap.

1 x pack of tissues or wipes    Public loos often have no paper!

1 x no-water handwash          Wash your hands before and after changing your pads or tampons. A small tube of antibacterial wash that doesn’t need water will do the trick.

1 x cute purse or bag              To keep your EPP supplies in!

Remember to replace whatever you use of out of your EPP. If possible, change your tampon when your get out of the water to prevent leaking. Check that the string is tucked inside your cozzie bottom (or cut it a little shorter if you’re very worried about it showing). And don’t worry – unless you tell them, no-one will know you’re having your period! Most likely some of the swimmers and divers at the Olympics were having their periods and still performed like champs. Don’t let your period hold you back from achieving fabulosity!

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