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Grassy Sparks making…sparks…


Grassy Sparks making…sparks…

Grassy Sparks released their album, Portal, in October this year. Grassy Sparks describes their unique fusion of sounds as a Ska-blend. When listening to the album you can definitely pick up the variety of sounds and genres. The album is upbeat with virtually no chill – in the good way though. It’s the kind of music you can expect to enjoy at a lively party compared to just a small chill at home. There is potential in each one of the songs to become a hit. Generally, Grassy Sparks is doing incredibly well and is fast sealing their place in the South African music scene. Teenzone bumped into Grassy Sparks recently and couldn’t help but sneak in some interview questions. You’re welcome:  

Grassy Sparks

Student Bands

Do you feel like everybody brings their own vibe and feeling to the table?

Yeah, the more people you have in a group or family, the more inspiration it brings. The more culture It adds a lot to the music and because we are like a family.

Do you guys truly feel like you are a family?

Yea, it’s so important. If you make something just about you, you get lost. But it’s so much better when you work together towards something. When one of us gets lost, we just bring the person back down again.

Would you say that, there’s one strong minded person in the group?

Mostly, but definitely there’s the calmer ones, but everybody has their own strong opinion. Even if it does come down to arguing back and forth, it’s ok because that’s what creativity does.

Do you have someone who co-ordinates all of you?

We have a booking agent and a label rep. Then we have each other and a driver.

If you could have any band, musician you would love to work with who would it be?

Definitely, The Cat Empire!


Grassy Sparks

How is the family support?

Our parents love and support us and want us to do our music. We have 9-5 jobs, we are safe and secure and maybe oneday we will do music full-time.

How did your parents react, when you told them that you wanna be a singer?

My parents love the fact that we do music, they think we are cool.

Is stage presence something that comes naturally to you guys?

If you know what you are doing and you are all tight, everything automatically falls into place. 

Not a lot of people that I know can hold a 9-5 and still fulfill their passion.

If we can do it, then everybody else can do it. It’s a journey. If you have a 9-5, keep doing what you love, even if you get home feeling tired, don’t forget about your passion.

Do you interact with your fans?

Yes, we love our fans, without them we really wouldn’t be here.


This is definitely our favourite tune from the album, Portal. Have a listen and decide for yourself!

 By: Kriszti Bottyan




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