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Guardian Angel – Roelien van Vuuren


Guardian Angel – Roelien van Vuuren

Breathe in, close your eyes and hold on tight

Breathe out, keep calm it’s gonna be alright

Breathe in, take my hand keep my eyes in sight

Breathe out, take a leap I’ll teach you how to fly


I know it’s hard to take the leap.

Take a chance before you’re in too deep to save from breaking down.

When you’re too far gone, I won’t be around 

To catch you when you fall.


Take a breath to collect your thoughts.

Think of all the love He brought.

Every smile overpowers a tear.

Every hart can overcome a fear.


Breathe in, spread your wings.

Breathe out, take your time; forget telluric things.

Breathe in, feel the uplifting breeze in the air.

Breathe out, when you fall; I’ll be there.


-In memory of a father figure by Roelien van Vuuren

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