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Gucci will stop selling fur from 2018

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Gucci will stop selling fur from 2018


Gucci has announced that it will stop selling fur from 2018 but not everybody is happy about it. Animal welfare activists have called the huge news a huge game-changer. The fashion house claims that the decision is based on the company’s commitment to ‘sustainability’. 

Mark Oaten who runs the the International Fur Federation (IFF) expressed his discontent about the decision:

“I’m disappointed by what Gucci have done. It makes no sense. They said they’re doing it for environmental reasons but if you think about it fur is the most natural luxury item there is. It comes from a natural animal, it’s biodegradable, it doesn’t end up in landfills and like fake fur it doesn’t use a ton of chemicals to produce it.”

China and the USA are huge producers of fur and these same countries have often been criticised for their animal welfare regulations in the past. Harriett Barclay who works for the Humane Society International (HSI) who campaign on behalf of animal protection issues around the world had a different outlook on the decision made by Gucci:

“We are delighted by this news. Gucci is one of the biggest names in fashion and to have a brand with so much sway do this, we hope it’ll filter down. The fur industry is inherently cruel. Animals are kept in cages sometimes for their entire lives, and remember these are wild animals.”



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