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Halsey on being bipolar


Halsey on being bipolar


Halsey has been fairly open about her mental health status, coming out to the public and letting them know that she is bipolar. She highlighted the journey of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, noting that there is still a long way to go. In between making hits, Halsey also tries to dispel misconceptions people may have about mental illness.

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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes one’s mood and energy to shift erratically. Halsey told Elle that: ‘The thing about having bipolar disorder, for me, is that I’m really empathetic.’ In other words meaning that she feels everything around her very deeply.

She aptly communicates emotion through art and this can definitely be seen in tracks such as Ghost and Hurricane. She noted that when she was originally diagnosed when she first started getting attention from record labels. ‘I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 16,’ she told Daily Mail. She revealed to Billboard about her shocking suicide attempt during her senior year of high school. The attempt left her confined to a psychiatric hospital for weeks. She described the ordeal as terrifying. 

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Although, Halsey says that managing her mental illness has become more difficult the more famous she becomes. It’s a contrast, however, because she goes on to say that music is what has gotten through some of her worst days. It’s heartening to hear more and more celebrities open up about mental illnesses. From Selena Gomez to Demi Lovato, celebs are letting us know that although they live vastly different lives from us, they are still just human. Like you and me, they have emotions and clearly some suffer from mental illnesses.   

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