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Happy hormones

We all need some happy hormones from time to time, and knowing a bit more about what triggers their release can help us to get them flowing…


Serotonin is the natural anti-depressant and some anti-depressants actually work by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin makes you feel better about yourself and reduces anxiety levels.

Hack: One of the best ways to get a natural serotonin high is to go for a walk or get some gentle exercise. Pump some choons and get marching.


This hormone is the ‘lurrvvveee’ hormone. It is the hormone that makes us emotionally connected to other people, and makes us feel close to our friends and family.

Hack: Be kind to people, hug your friends and family and hang out with people who’s company you enjoy. It’s sure to get the oxytocin pumping.


Endorphins give you a feeling of euphoria and act as natural pain relievers.

Hack: Lots of things can give you a nice endorphin rush. Exercise is the biggest trigger and yoga and meditation can help be reducing stress to let those endorphins flow more freely. Even laughing or chowing a bit of dark chocolate can give you a buzz!


Dopamine is the goal driven happy hormone. It basically acts as the brain’s reward system. Every time you achieve a goal, tick something off your to do list or get some praise, your brain releases a bit of dopamine which makes you feel oh so good! This is the hormone that makes you keep working hard and striving to achieve new things.

Hack: Set small goals every single day and put them onto a to-do list. When you tick them off you’ll get a little hit of dopamine, which will keep you working!


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