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Happy Unicorn Day


Happy Unicorn Day

Unicorns are symbols of purity and enchantment that play a large part in our myths and legends.

Unicorns are mentioned as far back as antiquity – ancient Greek writers believed they lived in the faraway and exotic country of India, which was then largely unknown to Europeans. However, the unicorn was then thought to be a powerful, fierce animal that was not to be messed with for fear of the consequences.

However, during the Middle Ages the unicorns image softened and people came to see them as symbols of strength and pure love.

How to celebrate?

If you are looking to celebrate Unicorn Day you can have a read of the following books which all feature these magical creatures.

  • Through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling
  • The Last Battle – C.S. Lewis

Alternatively you can dig out your My Little Pony toys, as they are all based on unicorns.

Or just have a fun fanciful evening, watching fantasy movies (preferably ones with unicorns)…

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