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Harry Styles could be the next James Bond and fans are losing it!

James Bond


Harry Styles could be the next James Bond and fans are losing it!

In August 2017, Daniel Craig announced that he would be retiring from his role as 007 from the James Bond franchise. Many people were hoping Idris Elba would get the nod of approval as this would make him the first James Bond of colour. Idris is apparently not interested in taking the role but he does, however, feel that it is time for the franchise to change things up with regards to 007’s race and gender.

‘Dunkirk’ Director didn’t know how famous Harry Styles was

Others thought that perhaps the 007 would be played by a female, also making it the first time James Bond has been played by a woman. On Monday, however, the film editor of Spectre threw a completely unexpected name into the ring: Harry Styles. The former One Direction band member stars in Dunkirk, showing off his acting abilities. Christopher Nolan directed Dunkirk and is set to direct the new Bond movie so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if he decided to go with Harry.

It is definitely too early to jump to conclusions regarding the movie but that hasn’t stopped fans from losing their minds over it. Twitter seems torn about the decision. Many have reacted negatively to the comment while a many have reacted positively.


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