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Heads up on ICU


Heads up on ICU

‘Keep Going’ keeps climbing the charts in SA.

ICU are a group of 5 young men that break the mould of Hip Hop/R&B in South Africa. ICU not only write their own music but they produce and compose everything themselves and group members Marc, Edgar, Guy, Ken and Keith are determined to reach the top one way or another.

Although a fresh face on the scene, ICU is not your typical Hip-Hop/R&B group, their music stretches across all genres and borders.

The sound of ICU is both unique, rich in diversity and is almost guaranteed to capture the international masses with their mesmerising and sultry R & B vocals, rhythmic House tunes, and mind blowing Hip-Hop beats. These guys are born entertainers, full of energy, charm, and undoubtedly raw talent. ICU is a breath of fresh air for music generated in South Africa and it is just a matter of time for them to reach legendary status as musicians. Their latest music video is below, you decide if they are all that and more!

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