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“… he’s 24, and my personal trainer.”


“… he’s 24, and my personal trainer.”

“… he’s 24, and my personal trainer.”

I’m 16, and there’s this guy that I am crazy about. He’s funny, talented, a good listener, and he’s hot, and very athletic. The only problem is that he’s 24, and my personal trainer. I’m not so sure, but it seems like he likes me too, but he has a girlfriend. My BFF is telling me that I should act on it, my 12-year-old cousin says that I shouldn’t do anything, and my mom is convinced that it is just a crush, but I really don’t think it is at all! Please help, I don’t know who to listen to!! Confuzzeled about love!

Sorry, but the odds of anything happening here are really stacked against you. He has a girlfriend so it probably wouldn’t go any further just because of this. Add to that your age difference and your chances are reduced even further. If he’s in a relationship already, he is more than likely to be seeing someone closer to his own age. It stands to reason that as a working guy, he would prefer to date someone who is able to go out every night of the week and party – unlikely he’d be able to do this with someone your age, who has school to attend each day. I think that part of his job is getting on well with people and making their training sessions fun. Take it as that, enjoy your sessions with him but I’d suggest that’s all you are going to get out of this relationship.

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