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How to Prepare For University If You Have A Chronic Illness


How to Prepare For University If You Have A Chronic Illness

When preparing for university, many students find themselves spending hours browsing dorm decor, planning out their schedules, and even coordinating pre-move in lunches with future roomies. But, for students with chronic illnesses, preparing for college comes with its own set of challenges. From finding a local doctor to stocking up on prescriptions, preparing university necessities for these students can be a daunting, and even overwhelming, task.

Here are a few things students with chronic illnesses can do to help ease the stress of a varsity transition:

1. Visit Your Doctors Before Leaving For College

In addition to complying with any varsity requests for physical exams and vaccines prior to enrollment, it’s a good idea to make appointments with your primary care doctors and specialists before leaving your hometown.

2. Know What Health Resources Are Available

You should call your campus ahead of time if you need any accommodations at school. For example, if you suffer from disabling migraine attacks, does the student health centre offer a walk-in option and will injectables or IV medications be available for treatment, or is treatment limited to oral medications?”, some of the things you need to be informed about.

3. Decide What Pharmacy to Use

If you take prescriptions for your chronic illness, it is recommended deciding ahead of time if you will continue to use your medications from your hometown pharmacy, your campus’s health care centre, or a new pharmacy nearby campus.

4. Have a Copy of Your Insurance Card and Medical Records

Knowing your coverage has had a copy of your insurance card are both necessary for anyone heading off to varsity.

5. Create an Emergency Plan

An emergency plan should be in place should an issue arise. She recommends telling roommates and close friends about your illness and how to help should an emergency situation arise, including how to reach your parents.

6. Double Check Your Dorm Rules

If your medication requires refrigeration, check with your dorm ahead of time to make sure you’re allowed a mini-fridge in your room. purchase a thermometer to keep in the fridge to monitor the temperature, making sure it’s in range for the medication you need to keep cool.

7. Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Varsity can be an incredibly busy time for students and medical needs often take a backseat to school projects and extracurriculars, but they shouldn’t.

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