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Idols 8 Theatre Week brings more surprises


Idols 8 Theatre Week brings more surprises

Sunday’s episode of Idols ended on a brutal cliffhanger, showing how the remaining Theatre Week contestants were baffled by an unexpected move from the judging panel.

While the Top 50 contestants were celebrating their good fortune at the end of a very long day’s group performances and contestant cuts, Idols judge Randall Abrahams called them back on stage.

“Today we have been far too lenient. There are still far too many of you here,” he said sternly. “We’re looking for only the very best sixteen contestants.”

This week Sunday, we’ll see the impact of Randall’s merciless words. How many more will be sent packing? And what will happen next?

On top of this, viewers will be privy to something that has never been done at Theatre Week before. “All we can say before Sunday’s show is that it’s a twist that will prove the standard of singing is exceptionally high this year,” says M-Net’s Head of Communications, Lani Lombard.

The contestants also meet the new Idols Musical Directors, legendary producer Alexis Faku and 12-time SAMA nominee Martin Schofield from Wonderboom and Flash Republic, for the first time.

Updates and further information can be found on the official Idols Facebook page at “Idols South Africa”, on Twitter @IdolsSA and on the official Idols Season 8 website at

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