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Instagram is the new you…


Instagram is the new you…

By Dylan Craig-Caddick

So here’s the deal…It just doesn’t matter any more who you are, whether your nice, sociable, funky or original. All we are really interested in is how many followers you have…Everything nowadays relies on a perfect Instagram selfie. We don’t care if you actually had fun that day, just if the photo looks good. 

The crazy thing is that if we actually showed our real selves, we’d have no likes. Like none. Our mom might get more. We are actually all normal, regular people and staring at pics of that isn’t quite so fascinating. So instead we spend 4 hours trying to get that perfect model-esque side on profile, with a meaningful look right at the camera. Or we pose like we’re real gangstas in our massive hoodies to make sure we look super tough (note: super tough guys are out being tough, not taking pictures of themselves in new clothes their mom bought them). The likes will pour in.

It’s not about being who you are anymore. It’s about pretending to be someone else. As teenagers we all say we want to be different, yet in performing for Instagram we are all EXACTLY the same. Yep – you might be more grunge than preppy – but still we’re all out there trying to fit in. That’s okay, because evolution says we all need to stick together for safety, so wanting to fit in means your brain works like everyone else’s, but let’s just do ourselves a favour and not pretend otherwise. We are not different. We are not better. We are all exactly the same.

Being you just isn’t ‘cool’ enough anymore. But it really should be

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