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Instagram Stories just got closer


Instagram Stories just got closer

Instagram Stories are widely considered the best way for us to quickly and easily share our photos and videos with our followers. There’s no denying that Stories are easy and fun and our friends love them, but just occasionally it would be nice to keep things a little more private. Instagram has come to the rescue with a brand new solution to this issue. 

All across the world Instagram has rolled out “Close Friends”, a new feature that allows us to share our Stories with just a specific list of people that we can self-select. Using “Close Friends” is super easy. To create a list that you can modify at any time, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on the “Close Friends” option in the side menu. You are the only one who will be able to see everyone on your list, and other users can’t ask to be added. Once you have created this list, the next time you want to post a story you’ll have the option to share it as normal, or to share it with just your “Close Friends”.

The other cool feature is that you can see when you are on someone’s “Close Friends” list. When this is the case a green ring will appear around their photo in the Stories section, and a green badge will also appear when you are viewing their stories. 

Yay for Instagram, but please remember that as with all social media nothing is ever truly ‘private’ once it is online. If you REALLY wouldn’t want your mum, dad, brother, Aunty June, prospective employer or the *police* to see it then don’t post it – even just for your “Close Friends”. You never know how and when things will become public. Don’t EVER forget the cloud, the screenshot and your device itself – all of these can keep permanent records of things you hoped nobody else would ever see…#justsaying

If you have any questions about privacy on social media please don’t forget that you can contact Dr Lizzie on the Dr Lizzie tab on this website, and she will answer your anonymous questions. 

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