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An interview with the lovely Chad Jubber


An interview with the lovely Chad Jubber

Chad Jubber has already been described in the South African music industry as “the next best thing”. He was a contestant on season two of The Voice South Africa, and whilst he didn’t win the competition, he has gone from strength to strength since his departure.

His debut EP, containing 5 unique tracks, was released at the beginning of September 2017 and it is brilliant. It was written entirely by Chad, over a period of four years and each song tells a different story. The first track on the EP, entitled “Fool”, has been very well received.

Chad has all the makings of the next big South African star! TeenZone were given  the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and it seems he is just as lovely as he seemed on The Voice South Africa! Enjoy…

TZ: How did you get into music?

Music found me. About 5 years ago I experienced the darkest time of my life after my father passed away. I was lost and searching for something to explain it all … Soon after that a good friend of mine introduced me to the guitar. He taught me a few simple chords and from then on I knew my purpose was music.

TZ: When did you realise that you wanted to be a musician?

My entire life I dreamed of becoming a pilot simply because someone put the idea in my head when I was younger. When Grade 11 came around I had the opportunity to shadow a pilot. Throughout the whole journey all I could think about was going back home to my guitar. After that I was absolutely sure that music was all I had and all I wanted to do.

TZ: Who are your favourite artists?

Matthew Mole, Jeremy Loops, Passenger, Mumford and Sons and The Paper Kites

TZ: Did you enjoy your time on Season 2 of The Voice South Africa?

It was absolutely incredible being around people who had the same passion for music. It inspired me. I gained a good understanding of the music industry and what I needed to do in order to succeed. I’ve been working very hard ever since and it has been paying off.

TZ: How would you describe your music?

I’d say my sound has a folky, indie type of vibe about it. It’s easy on the ears, has catchy hooks and the lyrics are very relatable . I have a huge passion for song writing, it’s my main focus. I’m inspired by everything and the purpose of my music is to help people realise how much more there is to life .

TZ: Where does the inspiration come from for your lyrics?

All of my life experiences as a whole inspire me. I’ve never been able to write about a single person or incident. Sometimes inspiration surprises me and hits me out of nowhere for no reason at all. All my favourite songs came to me in this way.

TZ: Out of all of your songs, which is the one that means that most to you and why?

At the moment I’ve recently written a song Called ‘ On my Mind’. This song hasn’t been released as yet but will be on my album called ‘On My Mind’ which is being released at the end of this year. This song personally speaks to me the most because it’s about the seconds in between everything we think is important and all the miracles that we miss because we’re too occupied with meaningless matters.

TZ: TeenZone readers need to know…Are you single?

Yes 😨

TZ: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

I’ve got a little date with this absolutely amazing human I met while I was dreaming. [TZ: (sob)]

TZ: If you could give one piece of advice to the young people reading this, what would it be?

Dream … That’s all it takes to change the world .







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