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Interview: Trevor Jackson from Let It Shine


Interview: Trevor Jackson from Let It Shine

If you are a fan of Disney Channel Movies, then you should read all about Trevor Jackson. Michelle Govender got to speak to Trevor on the phone about his role in ‘Let It Shine’.

Trevor Jackson may only be fifteen years old but he’s done more than most kids his age with experience in acting, music and theatre work. He’s played young Simba in the Broadway rendition of The Lion King, has a role in Eureka and was in a documentary about one of his role-models, Michael Jackson. Trevor stars in the Disney Channel Original movie, Let It Shine as Kris and we spoke to him about the experience and how green it was on location. Oh, and we absolutely adore how he talks about his mother being his number one fan!

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in entertainment?
I think the turning point in my mind would have to be when I first started tap dancing and I did my first performances. I was just tapping and in my own world – I wasn’t really worried at the time. I looked out at all these people and saw all these smiling and laughing faces, generally just having a good time. I thought that this is something I really want to do. I told my mum and she has been my number one supporter in everything I’ve done. She has really encouraged me to do my best in whatever I wanted to do. So yeah, tap dancing was the turning point which has led to acting and a career in entertainment. After that, I did The Lion King, which led to Let It Shine.

What was it like for you to be in ‘Let It Shine’?
I think my favourite part about being in ‘Let It Shine’ was meeting such talented people – not only meeting them but becoming like a family. Like sister and brothers and learning so many things from these people of all ages and from all different backgrounds, they bring something special to the movie and you get a taste of where they came from and what they’re about.

Can you relate to your character, Kris, in the movie?
I’d say that I’m pretty similar to my character in the fact that he goes for what he wants. He is very ambitious and he is smooth with the ladies [laughs]. I’m not my character in that sense [laughs]. We both love to be the life and soul of the party but I wouldn’t say I was arrogant or as cocky as my character. Yeah, I think we’re similar in some ways.

What was filming like for you?
It was amazing during filming – the food in Atlanta was off the chain. It was so delicious. Well, like I said before, I enjoyed being onset with such amazing people and also, Atlanta is very green, which I love. There are so many trees. It was awesome. We probably watched a movie every other day on set and played a lot of video games [Coco: every video game because he plays them all the time!]. ([Laughs] Yeah it was amazing. But I think the most embarrassing time was when we were dancing and I had to throw my hat off. I ended up hitting this lady on the head and it was pretty funny. It wasn’t funny at the time but afterwards I apologised and we bonded and became friends after it.

Who do you look up to?
I think entertainment wise, Michael Jackson. A really strong athlete would be Muhammad Ali – his mind set you know, everything that he changed. I look up to him in that sense. Acting wise I suppose Denzel Washington, Michael Jordon – these are the people I grew up watching. There’s a whole bunch but anyone who is just really above and beyond and really loves what they do. I look up to people who have changed the way we live for the better.

What would you like to say to your fans?
I love them all. It’s amazing! After this movie, you know, all the new fans I got are just great and there are some there from the very early stuff I did. Just knowing that they are behind me in whatever I do, I want them to know that I appreciate them and they have become one of the reasons why I want to be the best I can. You can follow me on Twitter @trevorjackson5 and I have a bunch of new videos – little exerts of me singing and I’m working on albums. Just a bunch of stuff. Follow me on Twitter and I can keep you updated on everything that is going on.

Catch ‘Let It Shine’ on 24 August @ 17:00 on the Disney Channel

Michelle Govender

Image: (C) Disney Channel

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