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Introducing Zoe Brown!


Introducing Zoe Brown!

Zoe Brown

Teenzone has taken this opportunity to formally introduce you to TV and radio presenter Zoe Brown! We felt that it was absolutely necessary to give you the 411 and this talented and ever rising woman!

You have been in the industry for over eight years. How has the journey been overall?

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! It’s been an exciting journey, although my big breakthrough only came last year when I joined the Expresso family. It’s funny how day by day goes by and nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

You were ‘discovered’ during television Presenter Search on SABC3. Did you ever think that you would end up in the position that you are in when you entered the competition?

I did not! Initially I didn’t make the National Top 30, so I closed that chapter. But when I re-entered the competition as a wildcard entrant, I never thought I really deserved being there, until I made the Top 5  and  realised I have a chance of actually winning one of the slots!

For many, you are the first taste of the outside world in the morning. Has the thought crossed your mind that you have the power to set the tone for the rest of your viewers’ day?

I love being able to fill the screens of so many South Africans! I find the warmth and love I receive from our amazing viewers absolutely beautiful.

When did you know for sure that this was what you wanted to do, career wise, for the rest of your life?

I feel I stumbled onto this career path almost by accident. It wasn’t until I joined campus radio in my second year at varsity that I thought TV presenting was remotely possible. And once I’d made up my mind, the timing of the industry was in my favour.Zoe Brown

The industry that you are involved in is a very fickle industry. Did you have a back-up plan in case this didn’t work out?

I’ve always taken comfort that this is what I do, and not who I am. My back-up plan would be to use my degree (BA Hon. International Relations) or possibly traveling and working abroad.

It must be incredibly humbling to work with patients at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Do you have a particular memory that stands out for you?

It’s been amazing being part of the final phase of the ICU upgrades fundraising. We did a live TV pledge on ITV, and raised R2.9m in 4 hours. It was heart-warming to see the community coming together and challenging one another to help the children. From a volunteering perspective, each child is different, but the cheeky ones are always the ones that stay with me. The ones that give me attitude as if I was the one that lost a puzzle piece.

How do you manage to keep fit amidst your busy schedule?

I feel like my fitness routine has taken a bit of a dip. The best way for me to stay motivated is through entering a running competition, which motivates me not to skip gym!

You have been described as a role model for young women nationwide. What do you think is important to keep in mind when you assume the role of a, well, role model?

Everyone needs to have a role model in life! I feel honoured knowing that young women look up to me. As for my behaviour, I like to leave no room to talk. And for my social media presence, I won’t post anything I’m embarrassed to tell or show my dad.

Are you a slave for Pinterest because of your DIY activities?

Zoe BrownYes! I love Pinterest! It’s a great platform for inspiration and ideas!

Would you consider your hometown as Cape Town or as Durban?

I call both places home! I was born in Cape Town. At the age of 12 our family relocated to Durban, although I’m back in Cape Town, my parents still live in Durban.

How has the transition been from radio to television?

It’s been fun, exciting and smooth! Video did not kill the radio star!

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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