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iPhone conspiracy theory…


iPhone conspiracy theory…

By Dylan Craig-Caddick

Lately Apple has been getting a lot of backlash due to accusations that they were slowing down their older model iPhones. Obviously, many of us suspected that they were slowing them down so that we would race out and buy a newer model.

However, Apple ultimately did admit that they were slowing the phones down but for a different reason. They claimed that as the batteries age they hold less charge (certainly makes sense scientifically), so that when a phone of an older model needed a lot of power at once the phone couldn’t cope and shut down. To avoid these random shutdowns Apple modified iOS to cap the draw on power that the phone could demand. This naturally slowed the phones.  The scary part is that Apple didn’t feel the need to tell anyone this. The good news is that we can go out now and buy new batteries, and our old phones will come back up to speed (and Apple have reduced the price of these batteries considerably in the wake of this latest scandal). 

It is still important, however, to stop and think about the power we are allowing tech companies to wield over our lives. Are we happy with tech companies (never mind social media companies) having all of this information about us. Are we happy that the iPhone X scans our faces, and saves that data to let us unlock the phone next time? Are the rumours that our cameras can be remotely activated true or false? Are we really safe using these devices? These questions all need some thought.

Oh and as a final freaky thing…go onto your photos on your iPhone and search for something, anything. You can search for instance for a ‘dog’ and you will see that the phone has categorised all of your pictures, as it can IDENTIFY WHAT IS IN THEM. This means that when you type ‘dog’ your phone brings up all of the pictures you have ever taken of a dog, even though you have never told the phone what a dog looks like…Check it out. We find it really creepy.

Anyway, think about your relationship with big tech and decide how you want to proceed. If you don’t care what happens to your information, just take the good news and go out and buy a new battery for your older iPhone model, but if (like us) you find this all a little bit scary, go and have a think about how much data you are REALLY prepared to give these companies.

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