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Jade Hübner releases first single ‘Midnight Feels’


Jade Hübner releases first single ‘Midnight Feels’

Jade Hübner is commonly known as one of the presenters for the SABC show Top Billing. Among other things, Jade is also an actress, MC, voice-over artiste and entrepreneur. She has since added ‘singer’ to the list of her capabilities. Here is all you need to know about her and her new single Midnight Feels

Midnight Feels

Gareth Barclay

  1. You released your first single in March, what has the response been to your track, Midnight Feels?

So far it has been great, every time I have sung live, the audience has looked up with encouraging and supportive eyes, they have cheered and danced. So that has been amazing. Goodhope FM and 5FM have shown their support and I am really looking forward to having some more radio time.

  1. What was the creative process behind the production of the song? And how was it like working with DJ Viktoria and producer Mirage?

The creative process involved the three of us locking ourselves in a room for one month straight! DJ Viktoria and Mirage co-produced it and DJ Viktoria and I co-wrote it. We scrapped many ideas and there was definitely some self-doubt but eventually Midnight Feels was born.

  1. The meaning behind Midnight Feels and what it means for the future of Jades career.

The song describes the feeling of losing oneself to the music in the middle of the night and dancing without inhibitions. It can also be about finally giving yourself whole-heartedly to the person you love; a no holds barred kind of love that can even get messy and all-consuming.

Midnight Feels

Gareth Barclay

  1. What has your journey been like thus far in the entertainment business?

From school musicals and Eisteddfods to becoming a presenter on Top Billing, acting in an international TV series and movie to singing, has been a surreal and long journey that I have worked very hard for and continue to work for. Every day I stop and take a moment to take it all in and count my blessings. It is also a journey of self-doubt, intense critic, rumors, and instability BUT it’s a passion that brings me sheer joy, a passion that I love and that I want to live for. Anything you want and want to hold onto, you have to work hard for!

  1. Would you say your music aspirations have been there from the beginning?

Yes! It’s been a dream and goal ever since I can remember. I grew up doing four types of dancing and music comes hand in hand with that, music is what inspires you to move, so it is probably a contributing factor to my love of music. I also grew up in a household where my dad was always playing music on his guitar. I played piano, flute, guitar and sung. I was the lead in several musicals throughout school, so singing has always been a passion of mine.

 I tried to pursue music seriously before Top Billing but a year later after I got that gig, I realized I never tried hard enough with music and so that’s when that drive really kicked in. I didn’t want to look back and be disappointed in myself knowing I didn’t give it my all.

  1. How do you manage juggling a full time career in the entertainment industry whilst studying towards her Business Science degree at UCT?

I didn’t. I was working while studying full time at UCT to pay for my studies and a lot of my subjects suffered because of it. I am now completing a BCom degree part time and it is incredibly hard doing this while being full time in the entertainment industry, MC’ing, doing event appearances, starting two businesses and the list goes on. All you can do is believe in yourself. We can do anything we put our minds too. Good time management and living a healthy lifestyle makes a big difference.

Midnight Feels

Gareth Barclay

  1. Do you think the two aspects correlate?

Completely! Nobody in our industry is just a presenter or just a musician, we are all business men/woman, and we are all entrepreneurs. We are our own brand and business and it needs to be run and managed correctly if we want to succeed. There is a lot of work behind the big screen that people don’t see.

  1. What advice would you give to teens aspiring to be in the entertainment industry?

Take every step you can right now to better prepare yourself and give you the tools and skills you need. Don’t think that you can only pursue your dream when you leave school, start now! If you want to be DJ, start taking lessons now, job shadowing, asking questions, meeting with producers, find a mentor. Do what it takes.

  1. What are some key lessons you have learnt in your journey?

That just because you get a great gig, it doesn’t mean you are sorted for life. You constantly have to work and prove yourself but it’s also what keeps you growing and becoming better. Also that many will think or act like they know you and say things to others to bring you down but you must stay strong, know who you are, keep showing your true colours and kill them with kindness.

  1. Is there something our readers can expect from you in the future?

There are so many projects that I am working on, but my next single will be out in June and hopefully the movie, Hell Trip in which I play a lead role.

Midnight Feels

Gareth Barclay

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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